img_5267I live in Nashville, Tennessee with my husband Will, my dog Arlo, and a baby girl who is set to make her grand debut in February.  I am a PhD student in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at Vanderbilt University, where I am also a fellow in Theology and Practice.  In essence, that means that I spend a lot of time reading the Bible, considering what other people have said about it, and teaching about it to other people.  Recently, teaching about the Bible has become a more and more important part of my life. I’ve had the opportunity to share my work on the Old Testament both in church and school settings.

My favorite book of the Old Testament (and the one that happens to be the subject of my dissertation) is Lamentations.  I’m passionate about helping churches think about how they make space for their congregants to process grief through lament.  The Bible contains many texts, including Lamentations and the lament psalms but also extending to Jesus’ own words, that model how lament can transform the life of faith and our relationship with God.

I’m also passionate about reflecting on women in the biblical text.  In some Christian communities, women play only marginal roles in leadership. However, the Bible portrays women living and working in many different capacities.  I’m open to sharing about some of these complexities.  I’m especially eager to explore how the Bible deals with sexual violence, an often-silenced but critical part of many women’s (and men’s, for that matter) lives.  While the Bible has often been used as an instrument of abuse in Church and society, often wielded to re-traumatize those who have already been victimized, I am confident that Scripture can also be a pathway to healing.

If you’re interested in learning more about the work I do, or if you have ideas to share, I would love to hear from you.  I’m available to teach and preach in church, school, or other group settings.

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